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10 reasons to choose Kraimorie for permanent residence

Kraimorie is the southernmost neighborhood of Burgas. It is located within the city borders, on the shore of the sea. The neighborhood is known as a favorite place of bourgeois – for a summer house and beach, for meetings with friends in wonderful restaurants.  The distance to the center of Burgas is about 10 minutes by car on excellently maintained roads.
Kraimorie is a quiet neighborhood, suitable for vacation and permanent residence.  Here are 10 reasons to choose it for a permanent residence:
1. The location of Kraimorie.
Kraimorie is located on the territory of the city of Burgas. It is the smallest and southernmost district of the city. The place is an excellent choice for people who prefer a calm atmosphere after a hectic day. For a family with small children, Kraimorie is a great opportunity – cozy atmosphere of the romantic seaside towns, minutes from the comforts of the big city.

2. The nature of Kraimorie.
Kraimorie is located in Chengene Skele bay. The view is incredible. The combination of the beauty of Strandzha and the majesty of the sea is amazing. The climate is a combination of sea and mountain.

3. The attractions of Kraimorie district.
The neighborhood itself is a peaceful place inhabited for millennia. There are no known archaeological sites or fortifications. The settlement was rather a fishing one. At the same time, there are many attractions and natural treasures around. Among them are the localities of Uzungeren and Chengene Skele. Poda, with the conservation center of the same name, is a favorite place for ornithologists. Lakes Mandra, Vaya and Atanasovsko are wetlands for the nesting of many rare birds. St. Anastasia Island has become a scene of art performances and concerts. The fishing village Chengene Skele is a completely renovated entertainment area. Otmanli Park is a traditional place for outings and outdoor sports activities for the whole family.

In Kraimorie there is a modern marina. Cult establishments attract residents and guests of Burgas.

4. The climate is favorable.
The climate along the Southern Black Sea coast is unique – a combination of sea and mountain. To the North of Burgas, this combination includes Stara Planina above Saint Vlas and Sunny Beach. South of the big city – Strandja.

5. Diversity of birds.
Kraimorie is like a base camp for ornithologists – amateurs and professionals. The wetlands near Burgas are a popular destination for watching rare bird species that nest or pass through. The Via Pontica, the way of the birds, passes over the city.

6. Burgas beach is always available.
The presence of a beach is definitely one of the advantages of Kraimorie district. The sea view brings a feeling of happiness and peace. During the summer months, you collect the sun's rays. In winter, long walks by the sea are romantic and artistic.  

7. A selection of properties in Kraimorie district.
If you have planned to choose Kraimorie as a permanent residence, you will see that there is a variety in the choice of properties. Even now, there are plans for the construction of new buildings in the area.

8. The place is suitable for families.
Kraimorie Complex provides the conditions for permanent residence, which makes it a suitable place for families. Near the complex there is a school, a kindergarten, restaurants and public transport stops.

9. It is suitable for remote work.
If your job allows you to work remotely, Kraimorie is a great choice. Gives peace of mind during the work process. When you feel exhausted, a walk by the sea will give you a breath of fresh air.

10. The people in the area are friendly.
If you choose Kraimorie for permanent residence, you will be convinced that this is a place surrounded by positive people with whom you will easily make contacts and friendships.